WonderLang's Kickstarter has launched! Your early support is crucial to supercharge our journey. Let's revolutionize language learning together. Ready to be part of something big? 

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Embark on a Quest for Language Mastery

Interactive Language RPG

Embark on a quest-filled adventure where language learning is key to progression.

Immersive Learning

Engage with unique characters and complete quests that organically teach language through play.

Discover and Master

Explore enchanting villages, solve mysteries, and unlock new areas, all while mastering a new language.

The Concept

Welcome to WonderLang, where language learning meets immersive adventure. This isn't just a game; it's a journey into mastering a new language through captivating quests and interactive experiences. At WonderLang, we believe that true immersion is the key to language mastery. You don't just learn a language; you live it.

As a native French speaker who mastered English through gaming, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of this learning approach. I believe that RPG storytelling elements can serve as a powerful motivator for language comprehension.

Get immersed in Wonderlang, as you: Explore, Fight, Converse and Investigate using your target language

WonderLang's Kickstarter has launched! Your early support is crucial to supercharge our journey. Let's revolutionize language learning together. Ready to be part of something big? 

Support us on Kickstarter! 🎉🎊

Follow our Kickstarter Page to Support the Project

A Language Journey

At the core of WonderLang lies the innovative approach of Content-Based Instruction (CBI). This method integrates language learning with engaging subject matter, setting us apart from traditional language apps. In WonderLang, you're immersed in a vibrant RPG world, where mastering a new language is an integral part of your quest. 

  • Narrative-Driven Approach: The storyline involves two estranged brothers exploring a foreign land, reconnecting with each other and their roots – a narrative that naturally embraces the theme of language and communication.
  •  Real-Life Situations: RPGs are perfect for simulating real-life scenarios, making language practice more relevant and goal-oriented.
  • Combat Mechanics as Learning Tools: Our combat system functions like quick revision tests, similar to those found in language learning apps, making skill reinforcement both fun and effective.
  • Diverse Gameplay: With various situations and mini-games, each aspect of language learning is covered, keeping the gameplay fresh and educational.
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Play & Learn

As you embark on adventures, solve puzzles, and interact with characters, you're actively acquiring language skills in a natural and enjoyable way. Each quest, dialogue, and interaction in WonderLang is carefully crafted to teach language through relevant content. You'll navigate through different villages, encountering scenarios that mirror real-life situations. Whether you're bargaining in a market, seeking directions, or unraveling mysteries, the language you use and learn is directly tied to these engaging activities.

Language woven into Exploration...

Every village you visit in WonderLang presents its own set of adventures and challenges, along with a host of charming villagers to befriend. These villages serve as unique language modules, each introducing specific vocabulary and grammar rules.

The gameplay alternates between engaging dialogues with the locals and battles that challenge your vocabulary and grammar, enriched by a plethora of mini-games. The friendship system incentivizes players to interact with NPCs who communicate in your target language, complete with voice-overs. Dialogues offers options to translate and hear pronunciations of some words and compose sentences in various ways.

🚀 WonderLang's Kickstarter has launched. Your early support is crucial to supercharge our journey. Let's revolutionize language learning together. Ready to be part of something big? 

Our Kickstarter campaign has started! 🎉🎊

Follow our Kickstarter Page to Support the Project

... And Combat!

The combat system in WonderLang is a dynamic way to reinforce language skills. Choose from various attacks: flashcard challenges, listening comprehension, grammar-based assaults and more. The tougher the challenge, the greater the damage. 

This system utilizes spaced repetition, ensuring new and challenging content appears more often, optimizing learning. Your character's level mirrors your language proficiency, and you can monitor this growth through a progress curve shown in the game menu. 

Alternatively, engage enemies in conversation to de-escalate conflicts. During battles, leverage collected items by answering quick quizzes about them, integrating practical language use with gameplay.

Variety is Key

WonderLang features an array of mini-games woven into its quest system. Each is carefully crafted to ensure you're consistently engaging with the language in fresh and exciting ways, drawing inspiration from classic language learning classroom activities and the immersive world of RPGs.

From crosswords and memory games to storybook collections and interactive charades, this variety is key to maintaining an enjoyable and non-repetitive learning experience throughout WonderLang's world.

Crafting a Tale for Language Mastery

Step into an immersive world as a teenager, with a choice of gender that influences the language nuances you'll learn. A curse has transformed your brother into a hat. A magical purple beanie that can communicate with you when seated on your head, acting as a language mentor.

Together, you'll venture across WonderLang's enigmatic island, where the ancient Lang Magic has been unleashed. Your quest? Uncover and undo the mysterious curse that transformed your brother.

Traversing unique locations, you'll find a variety of shops and venues where you can practice the language in diverse real-life scenarios, immersing yourself in both the beauty of the world and the practicality of language use.

Over 100 unique NPCs bring the world to life, each with their own distinct sprite and artwork. These characters have their own personalities and secrets that you'll gradually uncover as you build friendships with them. Interacting with NPCs goes beyond language practice; it's a chance to discover their unique stories, enriching the WonderLang experience.

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Planned Languages

WonderLang's initial launch will feature versions in French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese for English speakers, as well as English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese for French speakers.

The game's design allows for easy integration of new languages. 

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful enough (meaning the corresponding stretch goals are reached), German and Italian will follow a couple of months after the initial release, then Korean and finally Japanese.

Don't hesitate to contact us on social media or via our contact form to tell us which language would like to learn with WonderLang!

Planned release platforms at launch: PC and Mac. Android and iOS will follow!

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