A Solo Journey to Language Mastery

Every Little Bit Helps

As the solo developer behind WonderLang, I've poured my heart and soul into creating a game that merges the joy of gaming with the beauty of language learning. I've managed to take a sabbatical to build a two-hour demo, showcasing the game's potential to teach French to Anglophones. But to bring this full-fledged educational experience to life, covering not just French but also Spanish and Portuguese for English speakers, and English and Portuguese for French speakers, your support is crucial.

For our newsletter subscribers, we have a special VIP pre-order discount. For just $1, you can pre-order WonderLang and get a 25% discount on all Kickstarter rewards. This offer not only provides great value but also helps gauge interest in WonderLang, which is crucial for budgeting and marketing. Your support as a solo developer is an incredibly meaningful gesture.

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Making WonderLang a Reality

Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign is more than just a funding goal; it's the lifeline that will allow me to dedicate myself entirely to the development of WonderLang. The success of this campaign is essential to cover the development costs. Without it, WonderLang may still bloom, albeit at a much slower pace. Your support could be the difference between a basic version and a rich tapestry of languages and stories.

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Interactive Language Lessons

More Than a Game, A Commitment to Giving Back

With your support, WonderLang becomes a gift that keeps on giving. We're not just building a game; we're fostering a community. 🌟 Join our newsletter for the latest campaign updates and insider news 🌟

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Your support is incredibly valuable, especially as a solo developer working on this ambitious project. You can also help WonderLang by sharing the project on social media using the posts below or via email