Interactive Language Learning Experience

Immerse yourself in a captivating language learning adventure with our interactive video game. Explore stunning virtual worlds, engage with native speakers, and master the language through fun challenges and activities. WonderLang seamlessly weaves language lessons into your gaming experience, making learning as natural as gameplay. Enjoyable for learners of all ages, the game encourages players to explore villages and wilderness areas, complete quests, and engage in dialogue-based mini-tests.

- Learn by Immersion

- Learn by Doing

- Memorize thanks to Spaced Repetition

Planned Languages

WonderLang's initial launch will feature versions in French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese for English speakers, as well as English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese for French speakers.

The game's design allows for easy integration of new languages. Depending on the success of our campaign and the game's reception at launch, we aim to broaden our base languages to include Spanish, Portuguese, and German for all language options. Additionally, we plan to introduce German, Italian, and more as both target and base languages.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful enough (meaning the corresponding stretch goals are reached), German and Italian will follow a couple of months after the initial release, then Korean and finally Japanese.

Don't hesitate to contact us on social media or via our contact form to tell us which language would like to learn with WonderLang!

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Content-Based Instruction

At the core of our game lies the innovative approach of Content-Based Instruction (CBI), a method that seamlessly integrates language learning with engaging subject matter. Unlike traditional language apps, WonderLang immerses you in a vibrant RPG world where mastering a new language is part of your quest. Here, learning is not just about memorizing words and grammar; it's about using the language in meaningful, real-world contexts. As you embark on adventures, solve puzzles, and interact with characters, you're not just playing a game – you're actively acquiring language skills in a natural and enjoyable way.

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How CBI Works in WonderLang

In WonderLang, each quest, dialogue, and interaction is carefully crafted to teach language through relevant content. As you navigate through different villages, you'll encounter scenarios that mirror real-life situations. Whether you're bargaining in a market, seeking directions, or unraveling mysteries, the language you use and learn is directly tied to these engaging activities. This method ensures that you're not just learning language in isolation but are constantly applying it in context. The game's design encourages you to think, react, and communicate in your target language, making the learning process more intuitive and effective.

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Enhancing Listening Comprehension

In WonderLang, we've prioritized listening comprehension to enrich your language learning experience. Every dialogue in your target language is delivered with voice-over, providing a realistic setting for you to hear and understand spoken words. The game features segments where understanding voice-only dialogues is key, with options to replay sentences as needed. Additionally, you can fine-tune your pronunciation skills: hover your mouse over important words in sentences to hear their correct pronunciation, and interact with objects in the game world to hear their names pronounced. This immersive approach ensures that you not only read and speak but also effectively listen and comprehend the new language.

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Dynamic Spaced Repetition

We've integrated a sophisticated spaced repetition system into our combat mechanics, enhancing the language learning experience. This system is akin to flashcards, but with a dynamic twist. When you encounter a word during combat and answer incorrectly, the game algorithm adjusts to increase the likelihood of that word reappearing in subsequent encounters. This method ensures that challenging vocabulary is revisited more frequently, aiding in retention and mastery. As you progress, the system adapts to your learning curve, presenting words and phrases at optimal intervals to reinforce memory and understanding. This approach not only makes learning more effective but also adds an exciting layer of strategy to your language learning adventure.

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