Learning through Role Playing and Storytelling

As a native French speaker who mastered English through gaming, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of this learning approach. I believe that RPG storytelling elements can serve as a powerful motivator for language comprehension, and the use of multiple items and equipment can help build a robust vocabulary base.

True immersion is the key to mastering a language, and WonderLang aims to replicate that experience. WonderLang weaves language into the core of its adventure and compelling narrative. 

In "WonderLang," you step into the shoes of a young protagonist, whose journey begins in the wake of a peculiar and life-changing event. When your character's younger brother, Ben, mysteriously gets his soul trapped in a magical beanie, it sets the stage for an adventure filled with intrigue, ancient magic, and familial bonds.

The Journey Begins

You play as a courageous protagonist on a quest to unravel the mysteries of a magical island. After your younger brother Ben's soul is trapped in a mystical beanie, you set out to the island from where the beanie originated, discovering a world where language holds the key to powerful magic.

  • Explore, Discover, and Reconnect: Travel through diverse villages, each harboring secrets linked to the ancient art of language magic. Your journey is not just about solving mysteries but also about mending the strained relationship with Ben, as you face challenges that test and strengthen your bond.
  • Unveil a Family Legacy: As you delve deeper, you confront a tangled web of family history and the consequences of choices made in fear. Encounter enigmatic characters, including a misunderstood witch, and reveal hidden truths that will determine the fate of the island and your family.


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Interactive language learning games

Exploring and Making Friends

Journey through a series of picturesque villages. The goal is to befriend the local inhabitants by engaging in meaningful conversations and assisting them with quests. These villages serve as unique language modules, each focusing on specific vocabulary and grammar rules.

The villagers communicate solely in the target language. Fortunately, your trusty brother-turned-beanie is by your side, offering translations for select words during conversations—simply hover over a word to see its translation and hear its pronunciation. Engaging in dialogues requires players to construct sentences, either by selecting, writing, or rearranging words.

As players deepen their connections with the villagers and unravel their quests, they uncover the village's hidden secrets, paving the way to unlock new, unexplored areas.

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Interactive language learning games

Fighting with Language

WonderLang's combat system is a dynamic way to reinforce language skills. Choose from various attacks: flashcard challenges where you translate vocabulary with increasing difficulty options, listening comprehension, and grammar-based assaults. The tougher the challenge, the greater the damage. This system utilizes spaced repetition, ensuring new and challenging content appears more often, optimizing learning.

Alternatively, engage enemies in conversation to de-escalate conflicts.  During battles, leverage collected items by answering quick quizzes about them, integrating practical language use with gameplay.

Plenty of Mini-Games

WonderLang is set to be a dynamic tapestry of learning and play, featuring an array of mini-games seamlessly woven into its quest system. Drawing inspiration from classic language learning classroom activities and the immersive world of RPGs, these games are designed to enrich the language acquisition process. Players can expect to encounter a diverse mix of challenges—from crosswords and memory games to storybook collections and interactive charades.

Each mini-game is carefully crafted to dovetail with the core gameplay, ensuring that whether you're trading, crafting, or exploring, you're consistently engaging with the language in fresh and exciting ways. This variety is key to maintaining an enjoyable and non-repetitive learning experience throughout WonderLang's world.

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Support us on Kickstarter!

Interactive language learning games