Newsletter #2: Kickstarter Milestone, Exclusive Interview, and AI Innovations!

Dec 02, 2023

Dear WonderLang Community,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and excited about language learning! I have some thrilling updates to share with you about our journey with WonderLang.

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🌟 Kickstarter Campaign Milestone Reached! We've hit a fantastic milestone of 30 followers on our Kickstarter campaign page! This is just the beginning, and every follow counts. Remember, by clicking "Notify me on launch" on our campaign page, you're showing Kickstarter that there's significant interest in WonderLang. This support could help us get featured, spreading the word even further. So, if you haven't already, please follow us and encourage your friends to do the same!

📰 Exclusive Interview with a German Video Game Blog I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Axyo, a German video game blog. The interview delves into the story behind WonderLang and offers insights into the project's development. You can read the interview in German here. Don't worry if your German isn't up to speed – the translation is below this post. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the project's backstory and our vision for WonderLang.

📅 Update on Kickstarter Campaign Launch In the interview, I mentioned that the Kickstarter campaign is planned to start on the 16th of January, but it will most likely be pushed back. I want to align the start of the campaign with the release of a demo to video game websites. Additionally, it's crucial to grow our audience more before launching the campaign. Please share WonderLang with your friends and help us build our community!

🤖 AI Innovations: Conversing with NPCs In our quest to make language learning as engaging and effective as possible, I'm experimenting with using AI large language models to facilitate direct conversations with NPCs in the game. These AI-driven interactions are designed to complement the story-driven dialogues, offering players a chance to practice the target language while uncovering more about the NPCs' stories and personalities. It's an exciting step towards creating a more immersive and interactive language learning experience.

🔜 Upcoming Poll: Your Language Preferences and Feature Votes In the next newsletter, I'll include a poll asking which language you're most interested in learning through WonderLang. Additionally, I'll seek your input on potential new features for the game. Your feedback is invaluable, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts and preferences.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support and enthusiasm for WonderLang mean the world to me. Let's continue to make language learning an adventure!

Warm regards,


Here is the translated interview

Initially published here (in German)

Tobias (Axyo): Could you please introduce yourself and your role in the project?

Jonathan: I'm Jonathan, and I'm a solo developer for this project. I'm creating the game independently, utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT for graphics. Additionally, I occasionally hire freelancers for specific tasks. Essentially, it's primarily me, leveraging tools and external resources.

Tobias (Axyo): Can you describe what WonderLang is?

Jonathan: WonderLang is an educational video game, specifically an RPG, designed to assist in language learning. It draws significant inspiration from classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, as well as life simulation games like Stardew Valley. The entire gameplay and storyline are centered around language learning, with the goal of teaching a specific language.

Tobias (Axyo): How did you come up with the idea of combining an RPG with language learning?

Jonathan: Growing up, I played many RPGs that weren't translated into French, so I had to adapt to playing them in English. This experience significantly helped me learn English. Later, while living in Asia, I attempted to learn new languages using apps like Duolingo but found them somewhat unengaging. This led me to the idea of a game specifically designed for language learning, combining narrative and gameplay mechanics with practical language use in more realistic settings.

Tobias (Axyo): Will the game offer multiple languages to learn?

Jonathan: Initially, the game will be released in several versions. The first version is designed for English speakers learning French. Plans are in place for versions to learn Portuguese or Spanish for English speakers and vice versa for French speakers. The game's structure allows easy addition of new languages based on the Kickstarter's success, with German, Italian, and potentially Chinese as future additions.

Tobias (Axyo): Regarding different versions, will users need to purchase each separately?

Jonathan: For the Kickstarter campaign, a donation of around ten Euros will grant access to one version of the game. A higher contribution will provide access to all versions, including any future language additions. The final release will likely follow a similar model.

Tobias (Axyo): Is the primary focus on learning rather than the story or gameplay?

Jonathan: While the core focus is on learning, I'm dedicated to creating an engaging story and gameplay mechanics. The aim is to craft a narrative and environment that motivates players to return, blending humor in dialogues and exploration elements to make the game enjoyable and educational.

Tobias (Axyo): When do you plan to start the Kickstarter campaign?

Jonathan: The Kickstarter is scheduled to begin on the 16th of January 2024. The goal is to raise funds to allow me to dedicate more time to completing the game's initial versions and, depending on the campaign's success, to add more languages and content.

Tobias (Axyo): What can backers expect besides the game itself?

Jonathan: Backers can look forward to additional rewards, such as designing their own NPC to feature in the game. Access to a 2-hour demo, currently exclusive to me, will also be available to certain backers. Additionally, backers will have the opportunity to vote on future languages and contribute to the game's design.

Tobias (Axyo): What platforms do you plan to release the game on?

Jonathan: The initial release is planned for PC, likely on Steam, and an Android version. The Kickstarter's stretch goals may allow for an iOS release. Console versions, such as for the Switch, are not currently planned but could be considered if the campaign is successful.

Tobias (Axyo): Any final words for our readers?

Jonathan: If you're interested in WonderLang or the concept, any support, even just sharing the project, would be greatly appreciated. It can make a significant difference in bringing the project to fruition.